11+ Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021 (Secret Tips)

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A Complete Guide For Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tips For 2021

Welcome to Geekers Hub. Do you want to know the right direction to grow your Instagram Account? Then, the ultimate Instagram marketing tips for 2021 post is helpful for you.

Instagram has a massive  1 billion-plus active monthly users and out of which 500 million plus are the daily active users like 50% of its users use it on a daily basis.one of the most key figures 400 million plus users use the stories feature daily. So it like 95 million plus photos are uploaded daily on this platform.It has a great, you know a great opportunity right over here for you to come and create something new. So the most important figure why the brands are getting attracted towards this amazing platform is its per follower engagement.

It’s 58 times higher than Facebook & 120 times higher than Twitter. So you can clearly understand by brands are coming and coming and just creating content on this particular platform and gaining an immense amount of attention towards their brand. So Instagram brought in 20 billion dollars of Revenue in the fiscal year 2019. So these all statistics clearly state that Instagram has a bright future yet, and you’re not late. So you can start anytime.

Let’s start with the Introduction So these are the topics we’re going to cover in Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tips.

  • How to get started with Instagram?
  • Getting the most out of the content types available!
  • How to Automating your activity?
  •  How to Generate engagement over Instagram?
  • what is the power of shout outs?
  • whats is hashtags and how to use them?

How to get started with Instagram?

Username accordingly, like make sure that the user name resembles your content on the left. So this is how you can do it for creating high quality posts, You can use software like Photoshop or canva you can download Photoshop from the Adobe’s official website and to use canva you can directly go to canva.com 

So you need to post at least two to three times a day, but don’t overdo it like your users your followers won’t like you spamming their timeline or their activity every now and then all right, so you can post two to three times a day. It’s more than enough and it’s the perfect number.

The most important thing is the Bio.

The most important thing is the Bio

I’ve tried I’ve used emojis. I’ve used hashtags.I have mentioned my mentor. Okay, and I have a website as well. Make your bio very attractive and increase your chances like so that followers get attracted and they follow you.

Automate Your Activity.

Automate Your Activity

The timing of the content posted plays a very important role in your content’s virality. You must get a very good amount of Engagement within an hour of posting Now this means that you must post only when most of the followers are active on Instagram.
You can see on the right at what time most of my followers are active and hence, schedule posts accordingly.

Viral content creation.

Specifically, reels now, let’s look at some of the statistics from Instagram reels. Instagram reels as compared to Instagram posts or stories and now talking from personal experience. It gives amazing reach even with a few hundred followers.use hashtags, but don’t use too much of them.
Try to keep your *Caption/Description* neat and clean. You can use the hashtags in the comments Or, you can use minimum hashtags in your description as well. Make sure that your audio is clear. Audio plays a very important role in Instagram’s algorithm. If your audio is clear your content has high chances to rank.

Get manual engagement.

Shortlist top hashtags related to your field then search those hashtags and find the top post. Okay now send follow request to all the likers. But in small amounts such that Instagram doesn’t ban you all right find the most recent posts like them and drop an honest comment.

Remember an honest comment without asking for anything, you’ll understand the benefits later. And you can join engagement groups on Telegram and get a lot of Engagement from that.But remember you will also have to provide them with engagement in return.

It would help you with the IG algorithm because Instagram promotes posts which get engagement from the accounts that are from a similar Niche. That’s how the algorithm works. So if you’re following these steps for manual engagement, I’m pretty sure that you’re going to gain amazing results but remember one thing All these methods are time-consuming and take a lot of hard work, but they are free.

What is Automated Engagement?

Now automated engagement provides you with likes and comments but unlike the manual engagement. You don’t need to give it back to others. These services detect your new post and send high-quality likes and comments which boost your engagement.

Now as I have been telling you since the start, a good amount of Engagement increases your chances of going viral now all these points might seem good but the wrong choice of service may lead to your account getting banned. There are two types of services in the market high quality and low quality.

Power of shoutouts and how to use them.

Power of shoutouts and how to use them

First of all, you will find the page within your niche with roughly the same amount of followers. Now more profitable would be a bigger account, but they’ll often tell you no or charge a fee for it most accounts that are on the same level will agree and when they do you post your own picture tagging their name in your caption directing traffic their way and they will do the same for you.

Now, this is more effective while generating traffic, but it could mess up your page style. Now due to this fact, some pages put the picture on the page for 24 hours. And after this remove it

Power of hashtags and how to use them.

Power of hashtags and how to use them

We are going to discuss everything about hashtags all the techniques and tricks. To use them efficiently and such that it helps you grow your page to the next level.

So let’s start with the first part hashtags and Instagram when it comes to hashtags on Instagram. There is a lot of different opinions. Now some of them hate them and some like them a bit too much normally. Normal users also mention Instagram hashtags such as

#love, #happy, #smile, #travel #happiness etc

Some of them hate and some of them love them too much. Using hashtags can be a very powerful tool to promote your business and to get your name out there for the world to discover. If you have used them the right way, Right way your engagement increases by at least 12.6% and 12.6% is not a small number. It’s a very significant number

for example, #entrepreneurship #Instagram.

Research your competitors.

This is a very important task to do you must research what hashtags are your competitors using what type of content are they creating and are those hashtags performing very well for them and for their content so you need to research you need to understand what the market needs what the audience needs and which hashtags are followed by most of the people so that they can connect with them and they can get Feed the post in their field.

Try to share similar content and use similar hashtags so that your post also gets ranked and noticed by more and more people.

Creating a branded Hashtag.

Once you have a branded hashtag, you’re not a smaller account or just any account. You become a brand and if you channelize that hashtag very well you use it very well then. You should become a brand.

Considered that so significant and many of the successful companies do it. Like Nike has a branded hashtag #JustDoIt many more companies have various branded hashtags. So you can use your company name as a part of a hashtag or we can come up with a term that refers to your brand right like anything like Nike has #JustDoIt and #Nike also

If you are doing it on a regular basis. I’m sure that Within a span of 6 to 7 or 4 to 5 months you’ll reach the explore page. Like all of your posts will reach the explore page.

The final goal of how to reach the explore page.

Now, you know the basics, you know, what pictures to post how to connect with your audience and how to automate your activity. There’s only one thing that still Escapes you the explore page. It’s like the front page of Instagram now in my opinion getting a picture there Gets You by far the most real and active followers within a short amount of time. It’s where the best content of the community goes the most popular and the trending videos and the pictures are seen here it goes without saying that getting our content up here will benefit your page in more ways than one, the reach your page will get is huge.

What is it that makes Instagram decide something is popular?

Something is not, to be honest. We have been doing this research for a quite long time and failed many many times. Now after trying many times during the trial and error working on stuff. We have finally found out a few things that really work and get your page up there more than one time which makes it go viral. So for you to do the same.

Post awesome content of course tricks and shortcuts aside but the best way to get your content images onto the Instagram search and explore is to just take awesome photos to figure out what is what it is your target market enjoys what sort of images do they typically love seeing a focus on providing them with those type of posts watch your competitor’s photos and videos see what went viral for them and try it on your own.

By knowing what content your community is sharing and which of your post create the most engagement you can begin to predict and replicate the success of your post. Each of your posts should match with match the themes that your community shares with while still following the patterns you identified which creates the most engagement.

It’s difficult to be featured on the explore tab without quite content to be featured along with the photo itself include thoughtful captions with targeted hashtags to this post to help spread their reach.

Content Discovery Process.

Giving you the best. If not only one way to gain viral reach with the content you’re sharing on Instagram that being said it’s important for you to know how to get these likes of gold from bigger account well this is one of the most if not the most important factor in reaching the Explore page.

This is the reason I finally been able to reach the explore page multiple times within a short amount of time the easiest way is to join the bomb groups with big accounts to help you improve your chances of going viral.

Conclusion of Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tips

Check your explore page regularly to see what’s trending post similar content Instagram is more likely to later post make the explore page when it’s already trending in the explore page. So get likes from bigger accounts when your followers like a post you have shared. It’s now possible for that post to be seen in the followers explore tab.

So, I hope you like this 11+ Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021 content and you will share it with your friends too.

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