Disabling GPU Acceleration in Cypress

Cypress is a popular testing framework that provides an interactive and reliable way to test web applications. In some cases, disabling GPU acceleration may be necessary to troubleshoot issues related to rendering or performance. Here’s how you can disable GPU acceleration in Cypress:

Reasons for Disabling GPU Acceleration

Disabling GPU acceleration in Cypress might be necessary if you encounter graphical issues during test execution or if you want to simulate a different testing environment where GPU acceleration is not available.

Disabling GPU Acceleration

  1. Using Environment Variables: Cypress allows you to disable GPU acceleration using an environment variable in your test configuration or command-line options.
  • In cypress.json or cypress.env.json:
    Add the following configuration to disable GPU acceleration:

    { "env": { "DISABLE_GPU": true } }
  • Using Command-Line: Start Cypress with the environment variable DISABLE_GPU set to true:

    DISABLE_GPU=true cypress open

  1. Editing Cypress Configuration: If you prefer not to use environment variables, you can edit your Cypress configuration file (cypress.json) directly to disable GPU acceleration:
  "video": false,
  "env": {
    "DISABLE_GPU": true

Adjust other configuration options as needed based on your testing requirements.

Verifying GPU Acceleration Status

To verify if GPU acceleration is disabled in Cypress, you can check the Cypress Test Runner output or logs for any messages related to GPU usage. Additionally, you can run tests that involve graphical rendering to observe performance differences.


Disabling GPU acceleration in Cypress can help troubleshoot rendering issues or simulate environments where GPU acceleration is not available. By using environment variables or editing configuration files, you can customize Cypress testing environments to suit your testing needs effectively. Understanding these configurations ensures smoother testing experiences and accurate results when using Cypress for web application testing.